Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

I finished my first pair of Nicholas gloves Christmas Eve. I modified the gloves to suit my DD#2. I used a mint yarn in baby weight and size 1 needles. I followed the pattern (in a different guage) except we left off the fingers and stopped the glove at her knuckles. This made a dense fabric but it exactly what the 8-year-old wanted.

I've finished another Nicholas glove, this time in Red Heart worsted weight in the Cami colorway. I used size 2 needles on the body of the glove but used size 3 needles for the fingers. This also made a very dense fabric but it perfectly fit my 11-year-old DS. It was tough & splity to knit but being a beginning level knitter couldn't figure out another way to scale the gloves down to size for him.

I completed one glove for DD#1 in Opal tiger. These fingerless gloves were based off of Kim's Fingerless gloves but I shorted the arm, continued the K2P2 rib all the way around, left off the fingers and added 5 rows of a K2P2 rib around the top of the thumb.

I'm afraid of getting SSS with the gloves so I'm going to cast-on tonight in the Cami yarn. I'm hoping that alternating the gloves will help me overcome it.